eye on society

Applying the Concepts and Methods of Organisational Psychology to Society


Below are a number of unpublished articles which can be downloaded as pdf or Word files.

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Fugard, A. & Raven, J., (2008)., What's Wrong with Factor-Analysing Tests Conforming to the Requirements of Item Response Theory? pdf download
Raven, J., (2008)., The Progressive Emergence of Hierarchy, Domination, and Centralisation (and their amelioration) The Gospel According to Murray Bookchin (together with some critical comments and attempts at re-framing) pdf download
Raven, J. (2007). Creating a Future for Homo Sapiens: Transforming the Educational System and Society pdf download Word download
Raven, J. (2006). General Introduction and Overview: The Raven Progressive Matrices - Their Theoretical Basis and Measurement Model Download pdf Word download
Raven, J. (2006). Contributions to Psychological and Psychometric Theory arising from studies with Raven's Progressive Matrices and Vocabulary Scales pdf download
Raven, J. (2006). Comment - Papierno and Ceci Miss the Point pdf download Word download
Raven, J. (2005). Ability, Science, and Ethics pdf download Word download
Raven, J. (2003). On the Need to Record Contributions to the Continued Development of Psychology (CDP) Instead of Continued Professional Development (CPD) pdf download Word download
Raven, J. (8 Oct 1998 modified 4 Nov 2002). Reflections on the Birmingham TOES or We have a public management problem not an economic problem pdf download Word download
Raven, J. (2001). Some Problems of Individual Emergence pdf download
Raven, J. (2001). Poisonous Paradigms: Unethical Procedures and Injunctions at the Heart of Psychology pdf download
Raven, J. (1998). Professional Competence: Its Nature, Development, and Assessment Present Perspectives and Future Issues pdf download
Raven, J. (1998). The Conceptualisation of Competence pdf download
Raven, J. (1998). "Learning Societies", "Learning Organisations", and "Learning" - and their implications for concepts of competence, its development, and its assessment pdf download
Raven, J (1998). Psychology, Economics, and the Public Welfare pdf download Word download
Raven, J. (1992). Democracy Bureaucracy and the Psychologist pdf download
Raven, J. (1988). A Critique of Sternberg's and Gardner's Concept of Multiple Intelligences pdf download