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Applying the Concepts and Methods of Organisational Psychology to Society


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Raven, J. (2005). Liberal Education and Liberalism in Modern Society, The Good Society, 14(3), 29-37. Pennsylvania State University. Order from Publisher pdf download Word download

Raven, J. , Prieler, J, & Benesch. M. (2005). A replication and extension of the item-analysis of the Standard Progressive Matrices Plus, together with a comparison of the results of applying three variants of Item Response. WebPsychEmpiricist. View on-line

Raven, J. (2002). Implications of the Case Studies of Creative People for Psychometrics, American Psychologist, 57 (5), 370-379. Order from Publisher pdf download

Raven, J. (2002). Spearman's Raven Legacy, Testing International, 12(2), 7-10. View on-line pdf download Word download

Prieler, J. A, & Raven, J. (2002). The Measurement of Change in Groups and Individuals, with Particular Reference to the Value of Gain Scores: A New IRT-Based Methodology for the Assessment of Treatment Effects and Utilizing Gain Scores. WebPsychEmpiricist View on-line

Raven, J.&  Navrotsky, V. (2001). The Development and Use of maps of Socio-Cybernetic Systems to Improve Educational and Social Policy, with particular reference to sustainability, Journal of Mental Changes, VII, 19-60. Order from Publisher pdf download Required associated diagrams 20.4, 20.5, 20.6, Figure XXX

Raven, J. (1995). The Universities, the development of competence and public policy, Capability, Volume 1(3), View on-line pdf download

Raven, J. (1994). The Organization and Facilitation of Research, Managing Education for Effective Schooling, 137-147. Trillium/Royal Fireworks. Order from Publisher pdf download

Raven, J. (1993). Managing Society: The Past Belonged To Economists: The Future Belongs To Psychologists, Protection of the Environment, 521-563. Fundacja Srodkowoeuropejskie Centrum Ekonomii Dzialania Spolecznego, Lublin, POLOGNE. Order from Publisher pdf download

Raven, J. (1992). The Crisis in Education,  Anthropological Notebooks (2000). VI(1). 20-38, Slovene Anthropological Society. Order from Publisher pdf download Word download

Raven, J. (1981). The Most Important Problem in Education is to Come to Terms with Values, Oxford Review of Education, 7(3), 253-272. Available via JSTOR on-line journal archive pdf download

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Raven, J. (1977). School Rejection and its Amelioration, Educational Research, 20(1), 3-9. pdf download

Raven, J. (2001). Some Mysteries in the Short-Term Evolution Of Individual and Collective Intelligence. pdf download Word download

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